Being a Christian is not about religion. Because of our man-made rules and regulations, many do not understand this. If they did, it would change their entire view – and life. This is what author Wayne Jacobsen so uniquely conveys in his books, “He Loves Me” and “So You Don’t Want to go to Church Anymore.” Both share important, life-changing messages of love and relationship, each with the use of a different format.

“He Loves Me” shows the powerful love Christ has for us, something that is often not fully understood. Everyone wants to be loved, and the fact that God loves us is not a deep dark secret of Christendom. Yet, as Jacobsen says in the forward of “He Loves Me,” very few actually live day-to-day as if the God of the universe has great affection for them. “He Loves Me” is a book that will resonate with readers looking to go deeper, beyond the basic top-level studies of God’s love. It presents a timely message for a hurting nation.

In addition, “So You Don’t Want to go to Church Anymore,” is a book with an equally important message. Jacobsen uses the format of a fiction story to draw readers into the trsuth of Scripture and Christ. The book is so powerful that countless testimonies have been received from readers including Paul Young, who was so inspired that he wrote “The Shack” in the same fashion. Jacobsen later went on to collaborate with Young on “The Shack” and co-found Windblown Media with business partner, Brad Cummings.

Much like “The Shack” inspired a nation to re-evaluate the character of the Trinity in the midst of tragedy, so will “So You Don’t Want to go to Church Anymore” radically change the view of Christ for its readers to reveal a deeper meaning. In addition, “He Loves Me” is the perfect non-fiction supplement to reinforce the messages of love and mercy that were portrayed within “The Shack.”