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1920 June 10: Ruth McCue Bell is born in China
1927 Bell family temporarily settles in Waynesboro, Va., due to political upheaval in China
1928 Bells return to Qingjiang, China aboard the S.S. President Cleveland
1933 Ruth sails to Pyongyang, (now North) Korea to attend high school
1935 Bells on one-year furlough to U.S., rent a stone house in Montreat, N.C.
1936 Ruth graduates from high school in Montreat, but returns to China with her family as they believe she’s still too young for college in the U.S.
1937 Japanese attack Chinese troops at Marco Polo Bridge near Beijing; the occupation of Northern China begins
1937 War gets closer to the Bells in the fall
1937 Ruth travels to Seattle in October through Kobe, Japan
1938 Ruth enrolls at Wheaton College
1940 Billy Graham begins fall semester at Wheaton College, and is introduced to Ruth Bell
1941 Ruth drops out of school in March to take care of her sister, Rosa, who is convalescing from tubercular peritonitis; she and Billy continue to correspond
1941 Ruth accepts Billy’s offer of marriage in April – several months after he proposed
1942 Ruth returns for her final year at Wheaton
1943 Ruth and Billy Graham marry August 13, two months after their graduation together from Wheaton; following honeymoon, begin pastorate at Western Springs Baptist Church outside Chicago
1945 Ruth and Billy Graham resign Western Springs pastorate and move into an upstairs bedroom in the Bells’ home in Montreat, N.C.; Billy begins work with Youth for Christ
1945 Ruth gives birth to their first child, Virginia Leftwich (Gigi), in September
1948 Anne Morrow Graham, Ruth & Billy’s second child, is born in May
1949 Ruth joins Billy for the Los Angeles Crusade, where media magnate William Randolph Hearst allegedly sent word to “puff Graham,” launching Billy into the national media spotlight
1950 Billy establishes Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, begins a radio program that Ruth christens, “Hour of Decision”
1950 Ruth Bell (Bunny) is born in December
1952 Ruth assists Billy in writing his first book, “Peace with God”
1952 William Franklin Graham III is born in July
1952 Ruth accompanies Billy on the 12-week Greater London Crusade
1954 Ruth designs the family home in Montreat, N.C.
1956 The Grahams move into Montreat, N.C. home, called Little Piney Cove
1957 Billy Graham holds historic crusade in New York
1957 Billy Graham begins television career in June
1958 Nelson Edman (Ned) is born in May
1962 Billy Graham’s father dies
1973 Ruth’s father preaches at Swannanoa Presbyterian Church, and dies later that year
1973 Ruth travels to China and Bangkok
1974 While visiting the family of daughter Gigi, Ruth falls out of a tree from a height of 15 feet while fixing a tree slide for the grandchildren, and remains in a coma for one week; later that year, Ruth’s mother dies at home
1975 Ruth accompanies her husband for a crusade in Taiwan
1976 The Grahams’ vacation in Mexico is interrupted by an earthquake
1977 – 1980 Ruth travels around the world twice on ministry trips with her husband
1980 Ruth joins her sister, Rosa, and her brother, Clayton, in traveling to China to visit their hometown of Qingjiang
1988 Ruth’s husband accompanies her on a return visit to China, where he is invited to preach several times
1996 Ruth is hospitalized with bacterial spinal meningitis, partially caused by a treatment for degenerative arthritis from her previous fall
1996 In May, President Bill Clinton presents Billy and Ruth with the Congressional Gold Medal – the highest honor Congress can bestow on a citizen


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