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“Witty, insightful, creative and in love with life, Ruth inspired and intrigued us. She gave us courage to embrace the challenges of public life and permission to keep our personal life private. We will always smile when we think of her and breathe a thankful prayer for the memory of her.”

— Bill and Gloria Gaither

“She’s not a plastic saint. She talks and writes about things we all go through. We empathize – we think ‘I know her, I’ve been there.’”

— Linda Johnson Robb

“Ruth has shared her love with five children, nineteen grandchildren and twenty-seven great grandchildren. Ruth Graham is known for her kind heart, her generous spirit, and her endless patience. She has shared her love with Billy and many others.

“Ruth has a sense of humor too. When once asked by a T.V. talk show host whether as a Christian she had ever contemplated divorce, her answer was, ‘Divorce no, murder yes.’ She also said with a twinkle in her eye that as a Christian in her marriage she learned to submit and then to outwit.

“Here is one of my favorite Ruth Graham stories. She is the author of a number of books including one about the fact that she is a pack rat. She was not happy with the rat the illustrator drew for the cover of the book, so she took a dead mouse to a copy machine, xeroxed it, and faxed it to the artist. The resulting book cover was perfect. She likely learned such resourcefulness growing up in China where she was born to missionaries.

“By the time she went to college her commitment to God was so deep she had decided not to marry, and to devote her life to missionary work. But a very good looking man named Billy Graham swept her off her feet, which is, I’m sure, what God intended. Together, their impact on America and the world is a life force, a spiritual force that cannot possibly be measured.”

— Barbara Bush

“When you’re with Ruth, you want to sit up a little straighter and you’ve got your best smile because you’re interested in what she has to say. I think of Scripture when I think of people, and I John says, “and of his fullness we have all received.” Now the Lord Jesus is the fullness of the Godhead, and we learn from Him. Ruth has received His fullness. Fullness means grace and truth,, and that’s what you sense in her. You sense that God knew her….and you’re inspired to go there. She’s abounding in energy and excitement in serving the Lord.”

— Karlene Shea, wife of George Beverly Shea (longtime Billy Graham Associate/soloist)

“Ruth Graham, who was married to one of the most famous men who’s ever lived, is unafraid to let you know that she is suffering, unafraid to let you know she feels depression, pain and anguish. Here is a woman who is completely her own woman, and funny. I love her wit.”

— Jan Karon, author

“A lot of her work is about being a mother, living in the world we live in. I find a lot of peace and wisdom in what she has to say.”

— Andie McDowell, actress

“She epitomizes what grace is. She’s always there, supportive of her husband. Not behind him, but beside him.”

— Bishop George Battle, Jr.


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