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The flagship publication for Partnership Media™, Transform Your Life is a national newsstand magazine that delivers stories of dynamic, growing churches and the people and communities they are transforming – spreading a message of hope from the pages of the magazine, directly to the reader. Each issue of this full-color, 100-page publication profiles the leadership and members of a specific megachurch and also contains spiritual advice pertaining to real-life, everyday issues such as marriage, parenting, finances and leadership provided from some of today’s top Christian leaders including Dave Ramsey, Joyce Meyer and Ken Blanchard.

While many Christian publications exist, no other magazine of this type is available in the mainstream marketplace. The inaugural issue, which hit Barnes & Noble and other bookstores in early October, features Phoenix First Assembly in Phoenix, Ariz. Led by nationally recognized pastor, leader and teacher Tommy Barnett, Phoenix First is the first megachurch to be profiled on the cover because of its dynamic ability to transform the lives of thousands of Phoenix-area residents.