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This book will take you where you never thought you’d go, and leave you wanting never to return. It will ruin your complacency about the suffering in this world, and it will stir you – compel you – to do something about it. It will show you what the cutting edge of your life can look like, and it will challenge and equip you to live there. And it will help you discover an intimacy with God experienced only by those who lay down their lives on behalf of the things that move His heart.

Kay Warren takes you face-to-face with a young AIDS outcast in Africa living out her last days beneath a tree. She ushers you inside the mud hut of a 15-year-old orphan in Malawi raising his younger brother and baby sister. You’ll feel what Kay felt – the shock, the heartbreak, the anger, the tears. And like her, you’ll never be the same. As the needs of the others take on faces, Kay’s passion and determination to make a difference will become yours. Open these pages – and discover the impact of a dangerously surrendered life as you exchange your agenda for God’s.

Kay Warren is a Bible teacher and advocate for women and children affected by HIV/AIDS. She and her husband, Rick, began Saddleback Church in their home in 1980 with seven people. Tom Holladay and Kay developed the Foundations curriculum to teach in-depth doctrine to the largely unchurched congregation.

Kay Warren, "Dangerous Surrender"
Pub Date: November 2007
Binding: Hardcover/Jacketed
US: $21.99
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN-10: 0-310-25890-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-310-25890-2