We`re rounding the last curve in the track.
The next generation glances our way, hand outstretched,
poised to burst into the sprint of life. Will we make the pass? Civilization is at stake. What will our generation`s story be?

In “Handoff: The Only Way to Win the Race of Life,” author, professor and leadership expert Dr. Jeff Myers reveals the eternal impact people can have unleashing godly leaders, and how to have fun doing it. Handoff reveals simple habits of those who win the race of life and prepares readers to confidently break through to Generation Y. Readers will discover the rich treasury that comes from investing in the next generation in a natural and stress-free way. The goal of Dr. Myers’ nonprofit ministry, Passing the Baton International, is to mobilize 1 million adults to pass the baton of culture-shaping leadership to the next generation by 2015, the peak year of baby boomers’ retirement. “Handoff” serves as an easy-to-read, engaging guidebook for this imperitave mission.


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‘Handoff’ Book Helps Christians Adults Prepare Next
Generation of Leaders Amidst Media-Saturated Society

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