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The vast majority of on-line bookstores are some of the largest purveyors of pornography in the world. The U.S. Department of Justice also reports that 90-percent of the children between the ages of 8 and 16 have been exposed to pornography on-line and the vast majority of those first exposures came while performing homework. John Clemens reports.

3:28 STANDARD CLOSE is a different kind of online bookstore offering over one-point-six million titles but they take pride more in what they don’t offer as compared to what is offered on Lee Martin is the chairman of

Lee Martin (:21) OC: “…moral basis of America.” also features user-controlled filtering. This empowers people who use to decide what the online bookstore offers.

Lee Martin (:18) OC: “…will remove those books.”

One example was the novel “The Golden Compass” that many Christians felt threatened young readers with its atheistic undertones.

Lee Martin (:26) OC: “…which is empowering decency.”

Lee Martin takes great pride in what doesn’t offer compared to other online bookstores.

Lee Martin (:13) OC: “…happen on”

Lee Martin also says offers a great opportunity for ministries to benefit from their efforts as they offer books at lower prices than retail outlets while supporting a number of non-profit organizations.

Lee Martin (:27) OC: “…to support”

Lee Martin says the founders of believe that it is time for a wholesale marketplace where searchers can shop for materials without fear of accidentally running across illicit materials. These types of materials are restricted from the site to maintain its family friendliness. New product offerings are constantly monitored by both the company and its growing community of users that care about decency.

Lee Martin (:18) OC: “…want to ever see.”

This is John Clemens reporting.


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