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Adam Hamilton, Adam Hamilton is Senior Pastor of the 12,000-member United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas, just outside Kansas City. He was recently, and for the third year in a row, listed among the Church Report’s top 20 influential pastors in the U.S.

Hamilton represents a new voice in Christianity – neither far right nor far left. He stands at the theological center seeking, with humility, to learn from others rather than condemn them. He encourages all Christians to focus on what they have in common – their faith in Jesus Christ – rather than their differences. His greatest desires are to see Christians united to impact culture, mainline denominations revitalized, and non-believers brought to the Christian faith.

Adam Hamilton is the author of several books, including Christianity’s Family Tree, Confronting the Controversies, Christianity and World Religions, and Selling Swimsuits in the Arctic.