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Abunga.com is a family-friendly online bookstore that seeks to offer a safe, affordable shopping environment free of indecent materials while donating 5 percent of all sales to like-minded nonprofit organizations.

Some of the most popular Web-based book and media marketplaces are also among the largest sellers of pornographic materials. Because of this, Abunga.com filters its more than 2 million books through a classification system to remove publisher-classified pornographic and illicit items. In addition, community members can select books that they personally wish to prohibit from being made available through searches or product offerings on their private account. If a large group of community members are repeatedly filtering a book from their individual accounts, Abunga.com will remove the selection from the entire Web site.

Abunga.com offers direct-to-distributor pricing to offer consumers some of the best values available online.

Abunga.com supports worthwhile causes by donating 5 percent of all purchases to Favored Abunga.com Nonprofits (FANs). FANs are nonprofit organizations, including humanitarian organizations, ministries and schools, chosen by Abunga.com or nominated by consumers, that align with the Abunga.com mission. Upon checkout, every consumer is prompted to choose a FAN to which they would like Abunga.com to donate 5 percent of the total sale.