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The Forgotten Victims of the Tiger Woods Scandal:
Jason Frenn Says Christ Can Rescue Children from Family Dysfunction

Two people have been overlooked in the Tiger Woods scandal – his children. The consequences of his actions upon their lives will only be seen years down the road. Sadly, their case is far from unique; millions of families in this country have to deal with some kind of dysfunction. For example, roughly half of the marriages in this country end in divorce and more than 40 percent of adults have a family history of alcoholism, according to learn-about-alcoholism.com.

Christian family expert Jason Frenn believes that there is a path to healing for Tiger Woods’ family and others like it. He believes that the four pillars of a Christ-centered family are integrity, forgiveness, wisdom and discipline.


Author, speaker and evangelist Jason Frenn knows firsthand the complications of unhealthy relationships. Although he grew up in a home plagued with alcoholism, divorce and pornography, he was able to break his family’s cycle of dysfunction and has a healthy, functional marriage with his wife of 21 years.

A highly sought after conference speaker for churches, nonprofit organizations and business audiences, Frenn is the founder of Taking It to the Nations and Power to Change International. His newest book, “Breaking the Barriers,” helps readers discover their God-given purpose by setting a foundation built on Christ. In addition, Frenn is a renowned missionary who has held more than 50 evangelistic crusades in Latin America and the United States. He is a frequent guest speaker on “Hour of Power.”


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