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New Anne Graham Lotz Title, ‘The Magnificent Obsession,’ Chronicles
Lessons Learned from Abraham, Available for Radio Give-Away

Following the recent release of Anne Graham Lotz’ newest book, “The Magnificent Obsession,” Zondervan publishing has made several copies available for give-away to Christian radio audiences.

In conjunction with this release, we are providing five (5) copies of the book for on-air giveaway to stations who will make mention of the book on air.


Anne Graham Lotz, founder and president of AnGeL Ministries, an organization that exists to serve God by evangelizing the lost and reviving the hearts of God’s people. The second daughter of evangelist Billy Graham, Lotz is a renowned speaker in her own right, hosting revival and stadium meetings around the world. She is author of more nine books, and serves a unique role as a woman in evangelical Christian leadership.


Books are available to ship to you upon receipt of your response, with the understanding that you will conduct the promotional give-away as soon as you can work it into your schedule.


“The Magnificent Obsession” is available in Christian bookstores everywhere.


In “The Magnificent Obsession,” published by Zondervan, Lotz delves into steps every individual can take to be more like Abraham in seeking God’s friendship. She writes about how Abraham left everything behind, let everything go and entrusted everything to God completely. Lotz believes that everyone can use Abraham’s example to lead a God-filled life in today’s culture, regardless of life’s difficulties or present circumstances.

“It’s amazing to think that God has so much potential for our lives if we’ll only let Him fulfill that in us,” Lotz writes. “It takes living the life of Abraham, which is a step-by-step, one-day-at-a-time, trusting God kind of faith that brings with it the incredible blessing of eternal significance.”

Lotz connects the faith of Abraham and the decisions he made with the current circumstance many people face today. Her messages of hope and encouragement help people understand they are not alone facing an unpredictable future.


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