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Pastors, Authors Craig Gross, Jason Harper Bring the Love of Jesus
to the Homosexual Community at Atlanta Pride Festival

Co-authors of the newly-released book, “Jesus Loves You…This I Know,” pastors Craig Gross and Jason Harper strive to communicate and demonstrate that the Jesus of Scripture has been hijacked by political dogma, right-winged sectarians and extremist beliefs. For too long, people in religious circles have targeted the homosexual community, causing many gay people to feel like outcasts and lose hope in finding and embracing God.

Seeking to dialogue with gay individuals and apologize for the way religious people have too often treated the homosexual community, the authors will have a booth the Atlanta Pride Festival on Oct. 30-Nov.1, where they hope to diminish the disconnect between the Church and the gay community in our current society.


Craig Gross is a Las Vegas resident who started The Strip Church in the heart of the city. He is also the founder of Fireproof Ministries and TripleXChurch, a Web network that helps those struggling with pornography or workers in the adult entertainment industry. The author of “The Gutter,” “Starving Jesus” and “The Dirty Little Secret,” Gross spends most of his time with unchurched people.

Jason Harper is the founder of The Extra Mile, an organization committed to advocating for better education and health care for inner-city children. He is a published author and the director of community outreach for Capital Christian Center in Sacramento, Calif.


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The authors’ book, “Jesus Loves You … This I Know,” emphasizes their desire to spread the reality that Jesus loves all people, no matter who they are or what they have done. An entire chapter of the book, titled “Jesus Loves the Outcast,” chronicles the friendship between Harper and “Gay Joe,” a 67-year-old, who has taught the pastor about life, tolerance and civility amidst their differences. Because of people like “Joe,” Gross and Harper are committed to “showing people that they can belong in your world even if they don’t act, think, behave or believe like you.”

Coinciding with the book, Gross and Harper are currently in the midst of an unconventional, national tour, during which they are visiting six cities around the nation, hoping to connect with groups of people who have traditionally been neglected by the Church.

Their tour kicked off on Aug. 30 at Westboro Baptist Church, during which Gross and Harper confronted hate with love at the Kansas church known for its offensive protests. As part of the tour, the authors have given away 400 free lunch buffets in Las Vegas, debated an adult film star in Los Angeles and helped to give away a house to a deserving family in Detroit. Next, they will visit Folsom State Prison in Folsom, Calif., to talk with inmates about Jesus. Gross and Harper will wrap their tour at the Atlanta Pride Festival on Oct. 30-Nov.1.

More information about the authors, book and tour can be found at www.jesuslovesyou.net.

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