Comic Book Artist Rob Liefeld and Pastor Phil Hotsenpiller Continue Their
End Times Graphic Novel Series with “Armageddon Now: The Beast”

Acclaimed comic book artist Rob Liefeld and pastor Phil Hotsenpiller continue the suspense of the apocalyptic mystery in “Armageddon Now: The Beast,” the second installment of the biblically-inspired “Armageddon Now” graphic novel series.

“This newest graphic novel, ‘Armageddon Now: The Beast,’ intensifies the saga that readers were introduced to in the first book,” said Liefeld, who is well-known for his work with Marvel Comics and Image Comics, Inc., where he debuted the popular Youngblood franchise. “The characters become more complex and there is far more adventure, building up to the revelation of what will happen to mankind.”

“Armageddon Now: The Beast” is the second of seven installments in the “Armageddon Now” graphic novel series and will be released in a five-part mini-series, starting with a 32-page book that will be in specialty comic book stores by October 2009. Subsequent “Armageddon Now: The Beast” books will release throughout 2009 and 2010.

The “Armageddon Now” book series, created by 12 Gates Productions and published by Image Comics, is built upon Liefeld’s bold illustrations and storylines crafted by Hotsenpiller, a teaching pastor at Yorba Linda Friends Church in California, who uses his theological expertise on biblical end times’ prophecy to write the narrative.

A special edition of the first “Armageddon Now: The Beast” book was created for a prophecy seminar held at Hotsenpiller’s church on Sept. 5-6, 2009. The sneak peek of the graphic novel was used to illustrate many of the conference emphases regarding the Antichrist, Armageddon and the new world order.

“Throughout this entire book series, we are using the Bible as the basis for the plot, merging scripture with current events taking place around the world like climate change, natural disasters and war in the Middle East,” said Hotsenpiller. “This book centers on the rise of a political despot that will eventually become the Antichrist, a forecast that comes straight from the Bible.”

Picking up from “Armageddon Now: World War 3,” the next edition opens with an unpredictable turn of events that cause the protagonist of the series, Lt. Col. John Corbin, to flee a battle in Israel, in hopes of discovering the connection between the constellation Orion and the key to saving the world. He is constantly plagued by visions of a beast with seven heads and, all the while, a new political figure named Saduj has been brewing in Europe, capturing the minds of the masses and gaining control of global markets and governments.

The first edition of the “Armageddon Now: The Beast” books has a suggested retail price of $3.99. In addition to the “Armageddon Now” series, 12 Gates will also release the first book in the “Jada” series, a line of spin-off books based on the principal characters in the “Armageddon Now” graphic novel series. This 22-page book will also retail for $3.99 and hit shelves simultaneously in October 2009. For information, visit

12 Gates Productions is a cutting-edge entertainment company that creates and produces a full line of graphic novels, lithographs, DVDs, movies and video games. Located in Orange County, Calif., 12 Gates Productions was founded by Hotsenpiller and Liefeld, along with businessman Michael Gadd. For more information on 12 Gates Productions, please visit

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