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Answers in Genesis Creationist Ministry Provides “Answers for Darwin"

Coast to coast, misguided evolutionist revelers will be marking the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s ideas – and the 200th anniversary of his birth – in February, with “Darwin Day” parties and other celebrations honoring a mistaken and fallible human. Answers in Genesis, with its belief in infallible Scriptures and biblical creationism, will be providing Christians with tools and resources to counter this cultural phenomenon.

“So many Christians have been convinced by the academic elite that there is some validity to Darwin’s beliefs regarding evolution, and they try to find ways to compromise, and fit creation and evolution together,” said Ken Ham, president of Answers in Genesis and founder of the Creation Museum near Cincinnati. “We want to help them understand that Darwinian evolution is wrong, and that it has undermined the Christian faith and has fueled social ills like racism and abortion. Christians need to look to the Scriptures as the ultimate authority on science and everything else.”

“Many Christians are surprised when they learn that valid science confirms the biblical accounts of creation and Noah’s Flood,” Ham continued. “Our mission at Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum is to spread that message in order to uphold all of Scripture and therefore reach non-believers with the gospel.”

Answers in Genesis will host two free national conferences, “Answers for Darwin” in two major churches to provide training and education for Christians regarding evolution and creation. The East and West Coast conferences will fall on either side of “Darwin Day” (Feb. 12):

•  West Coast “Answers for Darwin,” Feb. 6-7, Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa, Calif.
•  East Coast “Answers for Darwin,” Feb. 15-17, Thomas Rd. Baptist Church, Lynchburg, Virg.

Both conferences are free and open to the public. Speakers include Ken Ham and Dr. Andrew Snelling from Answers in Genesis, speaking at both conferences, and Dr. David Menton from Answers in Genesis at the West Coast conference. The East Coast meeting will add Dr. David DeWitt and Dr. Marcus Ross from Liberty University to the line-up. For more information see

In addition to the national conferences, Answers in Genesis has planned a new exhibit at the Creation Museum on Darwin and natural selection, which will also serve to educate museum visitors about inaccuracies regarding Darwin’s beliefs, as well as the validity of biblical creationism. The exhibit will show that natural selection, which we see in nature, is explained by the Bible, and is not sufficient to drive “molecules-to-man” evolution.

Also, regular daily speaking events at the Creation Museum will include a focus on Darwin during the month of February, featuring topics such as the faulty science behind evolution – and its evil fruits in society. The ministry’s worldview magazine, “Answers,” has just published a special issue that examines Darwin’s place in science and society, with articles available for download from the ministry’s website at

The Creation Museum, located near the Cincinnati Airport, is a ministry of Answers in Genesis, a nonprofit Christian organization dedicated to confirming the validity of the Bible from the very first verse. Since its grand opening on May 28, 2007, the museum has seen more than 630,000 visitors, way above anticipated crowds of 250,000 for the first year.

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