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President and Co-founder of Answers in Genesis Receives 2008 Integrity Award from The National Association of Christian Financial Consultants

Ken Ham, president and co-founder of Answers in Genesis (AiG), was recently presented with the National Association of Christian Financial Consultants’ (NACFC) 2008 Integrity Award. This award is presented each year to one recipient by NACFC, a group of investment professionals committed to investment and financial planning disciplines centered upon biblical principles.

As part of their annual convention, members of the NACFC rented out the Creation Museum of AiG to share in fellowship with one another and their families. After touring the museum and hearing Ken share about the history of AiG and its popular high-tech evangelistic museum, an unsuspecting Ham was presented with the NACFC annual award.

“While this was quite a surprise for me and the whole Answers in Genesis ministry to receive this award at what we thought was a family event in conjunction with an industry conference, it certainly reaffirms that we should always be cognizant that as Christians, others are watching how we conduct ourselves,” said Ham, who noted that over 490,000 guests have toured the museum since it opened near Cincinnati 14 months ago. “This is a great reminder that we are held accountable, and we are privileged and honored to be recognized by such a prominent organization.

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