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Community Chaplains of America Offer Ways
To Show Dad You Care This Father’s Day


Community Chaplains of America are laypeople who provide care for others in places they work, play and rest – schools, nursing homes, coffee shops and more – each day. In honor of Father’s Day on June 15, below are 10 simple suggestions from Community Chaplains of America to show your appreciation and care for Dad:

  • Express gratitude to Dad. Write Dad a note, letter or e-mail relaying an important moment in your life when he was there for you.
  • Forgive past hurts. Sometimes relationships are difficult. There may be friction between fathers and their children because of words said or left unsaid. Make this a special time to forgive one another.
  • Spend time with Dad doing one of his favorite things. Does he like to garden? Tinker in the garage? Watch a favorite movie? Go to a ball game? Find something Dad likes to do and share time together.
  • Plant a tree in Dad’s honor. Planting a tree can be a physical reminder of the love you have shared and the memories you will continue to create together.
  • Make and send Dad a photo collage. This can include photos of your family as a youth, or those of your current family. It will definitely take a place of honor in your Dad’s home, letting him know that you are right there, regardless of physical distance.
  • Take Dad out to a special meal. Choose a favorite restaurant for Dad or make him his favorite foods.
  • Make a donation to a charity in Dad’s name. Sometimes it is difficult to shop for Dad. Donating to a charity in his name will benefit many.
  • Do ‘Dad’s Chore List’ for him. Does Dad always seem to have an unending list of items to do? Show up with a hammer, screwdriver and a flashlight and offer to help him with them.
  • Pray for Dad. Think of some of the issues facing dads today and pray for strength, peace and endurance in your father’s daily life.
  • Set a Date with Dad. Don’t just show your appreciation on Father’s Day. Pull out your calendar and choose a special date and time each week or month that you can spend with Dad in person or by phone.

Community Chaplains of America was created by Corporate Chaplains of America, one of the leading ministries providing genuine care in the workplace. The program works to train laypeople to provide authentic physical, emotional, spiritual and personal care in their communities. For more information, visit

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