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DIZMAS Helps Medical Ministry Treat Disabled Kids in Developing World

DIZMAS, a Christian rock band that broke into mainstream when ESPN and CSI: New York played its music, now is partnering with CURE International on a mission to change lives with the support of passionate and committed Memphis area young people.

Currently, DIZMAS is on the 5 for 5 Tour (five bands for $5), speaking out about the millions of disabled children in need of healing in the developing world. The band has teamed with CURE International, a non-profit that builds hospitals in the developing world and performs surgeries on disabled children.

This partnership is creating a very real connection between the youth of America and the youth in Africa, South America and even the Middle East. Together, DIZMAS and CURE are providing concrete ways that young people of Memphis can get involved.

Band member Nick Aranda explains: “When we met with CURE international, sparks flew. We were thrilled with the possibility to spread hope and healing on a global level.”

It helps that DIZMAS speaks, or rather sings, the right language. This high-energy band is made by young people for young people. The music they create taps into the tension and angst of being a young person desiring to do right – which means sometimes going against the grain.

Today young people are actively supporting their candidates for president, pushing for the environment and getting behind global humanitarian causes. “In a decade marked by war and economic crisis, their collective energy is more than just refreshing,” said Jerry Meadows, CURE’s director of global outreach. “The power of the youth movement in our country is quite effective at driving change and hopefully, healing children in desperate need.”

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DIZMAS, named for the criminal crucified beside Jesus Christ, has achieved mounting success in the music world. On May 03, 2006, their song “Revolution” aired on CSI: NY and over a year later another song “Shake It Off” aired on ESPN. While after only 12 weeks their hit single "Play It Safe" hit #1 on Radio & Records Christian Rock chart. Their self-titled album, DIZMAS, will debut on April 29, 2008. For more information or tour locations and dates visit

CURE International transforms the lives of disabled children and their families in the developing world through medical and spiritual healing, serving all by establishing specialty teaching hospitals, building partnerships, and advocating for these children. For more information on CURE visit

NOTE TO EDITORS:  DIZMAS will be playing at Visible School, 9817 Huff N Puff Road, Lakeland, Tenn., at 6:30 p.m., Wednesday, April 16. To schedule an interview with a member of the band or a representative of CURE International, please contact Melany Ethridge at 972.267.1111 or [email protected]. Members of the media interested in live coverage of the event please contact James Hodgin at 615.414.3982 or [email protected].


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