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Aglow International Aims to Empower Women in the Workplace

Aglow International, one of the world’s largest Christian organizations, has launched a new program to help young women develop their leadership skills as they prepare to enter the workplace or the mission field. The Generations Project aims to empower women ages 18–35 by focusing on their spiritual needs as well as mentoring them in their specific area of influence. The Murdock Foundation has recently offered a $50,000 matching grant to help fund the program.

"Generations groups in communities and on college campuses provide young women a chance to develop peer relationships, and connect them to Aglow women worldwide for networking and mentoring opportunities,” said Evangeline Weiner, Generations Project director, who, at 24, has done mission work in more than 25 countries and recently wrote a book on reaching the next generation.

The Generations Project also provides opportunities for Aglow women in the U.S. to be trained as Hope Coaches through Dawson McAllister’s “DM Live.” This nationally syndicated call-in radio show encourages teenagers and young adults to discuss life’s deepest issues, such as broken families, abuse, depression, addictions, etc. Hope Coaches follow up with teen callers one-on-one to lend a compassionate ear to their area of need, as well as to provide support and guidance. This kind of hands-on, individual outreach, says Weiner, has deeper implications that go beyond ourselves to mend the world.

In addition to the U.S., Generations groups have already been established in eight nations (with four more in process), including Argentina, Armenia, American Samoa, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador and Uruguay.

As an international ministry established in over 170 countries, Aglow is uniquely qualified to link groups of younger women with women already established in their careers, on the mission field, or as homemakers. Moreover, through its massive worldwide network – including more than 200,000 women involved in over 4,600 fellowship groups – Aglow can facilitate humanitarian outreach such as care for HIV/AIDS orphans and families, prison ministry and disaster relief work. Last year marked the 40th anniversary of the organization. Learn more at

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