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“One Month to Live” Authors Offer Tips For
Getting Personal Lives in Order This Season


As people get ready for the annual “spring cleaning” ritual of freshening up the home, Kerry and Chris Shook, life coaches and co-authors of the new book “One Month to Live: Thirty Days to a No-Regrets Life” (Random House/Feb. 2008) suggest practical ways to prioritize lives as well – creating lifestyle changes that will have lasting effects.

1. Rate your health in each of these four areas – spiritual, physical, emotional, relational – from one (terrible) to ten (fantastic). Think about the greatest challenge to improving your health in these areas. Spend time journaling about a practical and measurable goal for each of these.

2. Make a gratitude list of five or six little things that you often take for granted. Choose one item on your list to experience today. Whatever you choose, try to relish it.

3. Think about the biggest “time waster” in the past week and whether or not it had payoff for you. Come up with a short list of alternate activities you can pursue the next time you’re tempted to waste time by default.

4. Pull out your “dream box.” What’s in there? What are your frozen dreams? In other words, what would you attempt for God if you knew you couldn’t fail?

5. Choose someone you know you have hurt by your words, actions or silence. Write a letter asking this person’s forgiveness and explaining everything you’d like to say before it’s too late. Set the letter aside for a few days, and then read it and decide if you should send it.

“One Month to Live” is divided into four easy-to-read sections that help readers examine the core areas in life they need to exercise and express. Each section – Live Passionately, Love Completely, Learn Humbly, and Leave Boldly – builds on a guiding principle to help people live more authentic, purposeful lives.

More than 500 churches across the U.S. have already expressed interest in taking their congregations through the 30-Day Challenge. Many will kick off the campaign thirty days before Easter. Find out more at

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