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Creation Museum and Answers in Genesis Showcased on FOX News Channel
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day


We see it as something of a Christmas "stocking stuffer" for the AiG staff and supporters who built the new Creation Museum: the featuring of the high-tech museum on the FOX News Channel television network, on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

One of the lengthy segments of the FOX Christmas special entitled "Miracles: Facts, Fiction & Faith" will showcase the Creation Museum. We have every reason to believe that the museum (and the creation movement as a whole) will be portrayed in a fair and balanced way. "Miracles," according to correspondent Lauren Green, takes viewers "from the creation of the world to the healing power of prayer … on a search for the truth."

The producers have informed us that the Creation Museum features prominently in the first two blocks of the TV special (about 12 minutes total.) The program begins with the event of creation and eventually discusses the miracle of Noah’s Ark and The Flood. Interviews are conducted with AiG President Ken Ham, Dr. Jason Lisle (AiG astrophysicist), and Dr. Georgia Purdom (AiG biologist.) Overall, the special is a mix of warm-hearted holiday stories with investigative, historical research (e.g., the Star of Bethlehem, Fatima, etc.). The visuals from the Creation Museum, producers tell us, turned out to be stunning; a FOX crew spent about 9 hours at the museum.

This coverage comes on the heels of additional recent national publicity for the museum: the current TIME magazine, which lists the opening of the Creation Museum as one of the top ten religion stories of 2007.

The FOX special will air on Christmas Eve (Monday) at 1pm EST and Christmas Day (Tuesday) at 3pm EST on the FOX News Channel. Check your local television listings ( to verify the broadcast times in your area. Note that times can change with little or no notice.

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