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Company Provides Members Effective Outreach Materials

Partnership Media is equipping congregations with creative, affordable outreach materials in an effort to help develop an evangelistic “tools culture” within churches.

"Reaching people in today’s fast moving, high-tech society is a challenge," said Partnership Media President Dennis Windsor. "We have to communicate in ways that grab people’s limited attention – fast and accurately. Businesses have been using communication tools for years to spread their message. We recognize this effective outreach and at Partnership Media we are helping churches develop this same concept of providing innovative, high-impact outreach ‘tools’ to their members.”

Offering communication venues including magazines, CDs, DVDs, DualDiscs (CD on one side, DVD on the other) and more, Partnership Media helps churches expand their ministry, spread their message and fulfill their mission. From concept to completion, Partnership Media’s services include creative design, video and audio production, CD/DVD/DualDisc replication, printing, magazine and book publishing, custom packaging, warehousing, distribution and fulfillment.

“We want to provide churches with easy-to-use outreach tools that their members can carry with them at all times,” Windsor said. “Telling the Good News should not be a terrifying process, but as humans, we all fear rejection. By using tools, members can spread the message of Christ every day in a non-intrusive way and become the messengers, rather than the message.”

Leading the way is Partnership Media’s flagship publication, Transform Your Life, a full-color, 100-page national newsstand magazine that delivers the stories of dynamic, growing churches and the people and communities they are transforming. Available in Barnes & Noble and other national bookstores, as well as through the featured megachurch, each magazine includes a complimentary, bound-in DVD or DualDisc with further information about the featured church. All orders taken through the church include a user’s brochure on how to use the magazine as an evangelistic and outreach tool to engage people in conversation.

“This national publication provides a platform unlike any other in the mainstream marketplace for megachurches to share the stories of life transformation taking place within their congregations and communities,” said Transform Your Life Publisher Brian McConnell. “Transform Your Life is all about making a lasting impact in people’s lives through hope and encouragement.”

Located in Lake Dallas, Texas, Partnership Media was founded in 2007 as a separate entity of the parent company VideoPlus, the leading provider of communication tools to the direct selling industry. For more than 20 years, VideoPlus has expanded its capabilities to serve the world’s largest direct selling companies such as Avon, Primerica and Arbonne.

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