National Newsstand Publication Launches with Stories of Hope from
Leadership, Members and Ministry of the Church


Partnership Media’s™ Transform Your Life magazine features the life-changing stories of Phoenix First Assembly of Phoenix, Ariz., in its premiere issue, which hit national newsstands in October.

“It’s our privilege to feature Phoenix First Assembly in this inaugural issue,” said Brian McConnell, Transform Your Life publisher. “This growing church is literally transforming the lives of those who attend. Phoenix First, with its commitment to both community and worldwide outreach, faithful message, Biblical training and message of hope, embodies the very essence of what Transform Your Life is about.”

With more than 220 ministries reaching out to the diverse community of Phoenix and making a global impact, Phoenix First is truly “The Church with a Heart.” Led by nationally recognized pastor, leader and teacher Tommy Barnett for nearly 28 years, 15,000 people currently call Phoenix First their church home.

“We are very excited about the opportunities Transform Your Life offers to Phoenix First,” said Barnett. “It is our desire at Phoenix First to help and serve every person we can to reach their God-given dreams and maximize their potential. Many of the articles in this magazine reveal some of the many ways we are attempting to accomplish that. Transform Your Life offers a valuable tool for us to help those in our community and world transform their lives to look more like the life Christ intends for them.”

The Phoenix First issue of Transform Your Life, a full-color, 100-page publication, is devoted to profiling the leadership and members of Phoenix First, focusing on the impact the church is making on the Phoenix community and beyond as well as the lives of its members. In addition to life-changing stories of hope, the publication includes Biblical advice pertaining to real-life, everyday issues such as marriage, parenting, finances and leadership provided from some of today’s top Christian leaders including Dave Ramsey, Joyce Meyer and Ken Blanchard.

“Phoenix First is a diverse church reaching out to a diverse community,” McConnell said. “Anyone who flips through this Transform Your Life issue will immediately recognize that. From the story of a young girl finding a new life in Christ after a life of drugs and prostitution to a retired football player equipping and encouraging athletes in their faith to a successful, heavy-metal rock star learning success doesn’t equal happiness, accounts of transformed lives are throughout.”

The Phoenix First Transform Your Life issue is available in Barnes & Noble and other bookstores and includes a complimentary, bound-in DVD with further information about the church.

Churches profiled by Transform Your Life are given the opportunity to buy bulk copies of the magazine at a discounted rate to offer up for members to use as an evangelism and outreach tool. In addition, each church is given a user’s manual with useful information on planning the launch of the magazine and training tips to instruct members to utilize the magazine by engaging people in conversation and presenting the message in a non-confrontational way.

Located in Lake Dallas, Texas, Partnership Media™ is providing innovative opportunities for megachurches to reach out to their members, communities, neighbors and nationwide audiences through innovative media solution tools including magazines, CDs, DVDs, DualDiscs® (CD on one side, DVD on the other) and more. The company was founded in 2007 as an entity of VideoPlus.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Transform Your Life Publisher Brian McConnell is available for interview. To schedule or to receive a copy of the magazine for review, please call Kristin Cole at 972.267.1111 or [email protected].


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