Toys Available This Week in Select Wal-Marts in Missouri and Arkansas

Parents looking for a fun way to teach their kids about the Bible need look no further than BibleQuest products.

And beginning this week, if they live in Missouri or Arkansas, parents won’t have to look so hard to find them. The toys, previously available only in Christian stores, will be available at select Wal-Marts.

“Filling the long overlooked void in the market for the Veggie Tales graduate has brought us tremendous positive response,” Project Director Andy Osborne said. “Christian consumers are excited about the opportunity to purchase our products in discount supercenters, as well as Christian retailers.”

BibleQuest is a division of Donruss Playoff, a well-known name in the sports trading-card field. Its mission is “to introduce children to the stories of the Bible through products that promote exploration, stimulate curiosity, engage the imagination and educate during positive, entertaining play.”

BibleQuest combines the highest quality with affordable prices. The company is one of the first to introduce Christian-based toys into Wal-Mart stores. A sampling of BibleQuest products includes:

  • The “Exodus from Egypt” board game, which retails for $14.97. The game allows players to move two pieces across the board, and the player who gets both game pieces into the Promised Land first wins.
  • 2by2, a card game based on the story of Noah that will help children age 3 and older develop memory and concentration skills. It gives kids the chance to help Noah get all the animal cards matched and into the ark before the rain starts. It retails for $9.97.
  • Action figures such as David, Goliath, Noah, Moses, Esther and Daniel, as well as sets on the birth of Jesus and the risen Savior, which can double as decorations around the holidays. The action figures are incredibly detailed. The Goliath action figure, for example, includes a sword, spear, helmet and shield. Plus each action figure also includes a collectible card that tells the story of the character. Each action figure retails for $9.97.
  • Two puzzles, the “Days of Creation Cube Puzzle”, which features six puzzles in one, and the “Noah’s Ark Speak & Sound Puzzle”, which plays both the animal’s name and sound. They are the newest additions to the BibleQuest line and retail for $14.97 each.

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Exodus from Egypt
Board Game

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Noah’s Ark Speak & Sound

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Goliath Action Figure
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Days of Creation Cube

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