Aglow International Celebrates 40 Years,
Opens in Iraq and Madagascar

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Aglow International, one of the world’s largest Christian organizations, is launching affiliate groups in Iraq and Madagascar to minister to women and their families in these countries. Details will be unveiled during Aglow’s International Conference on September 20th in Seattle as the group celebrates 40 years of the global ministry. John Clemens reports.

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Every other year, international Aglow women gather for fellowship, worship and training. In honor of the 40th anniversary, this year’s conference will be held with the theme “A voice. Not an Echo.” Aglow President Jane Hansen tells us some representatives of the ministry are already in northern Iraq.

Jane Hansen (:14) OC: “…that part of that nation.”

Jane Hansen says women of the Muslim faith all too often live their lives without hope.

Jane Hansen (:11) OC: “…loves them intently.”

The President of Aglow International believes this 40th year of the ministry’s founding represents a very exciting time for women all around the world.

Jane Hansen (:23) OC: “…slow in coming.”

Hansen says she believes God has brought women from this generation for a time such as the one we live in today.

Jane Hansen (:17) OC: “…the security of the Gospel.”

Since humble beginnings 40 years ago, Aglow International now has 21,000 leaders in almost 170 countries including now both Iraq and Madagascar.

Jane Hansen (:19) OC: “…almost 170 nations.”

Jane Hansen, President of Aglow International says Christians are familiar with many individual women in the Bible, but now this is a corporate calling for women all around the world.

Jane Hansen (:21) OC: “…from the beginning.”

Hansen says women had to be awakened to come into a sense of the fullness of their purpose and significance and now their destiny to walk alongside with Christian men. This is John Clemens.

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