Rod Parsley’s “Culturally Incorrect” Addresses the Culture Wars

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Rod Parsley, founder of The Center for Moral Clarity and pastor of the 12-thousand member World Harvest Church in Columbus, Ohio says “America is at a pivotal moment in our history and Christians must respond.” John Clemens reports.

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Pastor Rod Parsley has surveyed the landscape of the conflicting worldviews saying the minds and hearts of this generation have become the theater of that conflict.

Pastor Rod Parsley (:20) OC: “…biblically-based values.”

In his latest book, “Culturally Incorrect: How Clashing Worldviews Affect Your Future,” Rod Parsley writes about the war of worldviews for national acceptance in today’s culture calling on the church to become engaged in this battle.

Pastor Rod Parsley (:16) OC: “…battleground of ideas.”

Rod Parsley says those with an opposing worldview feel they have identified their enemy.

Pastor Rod Parsley (:24) OC: “…they’re responding”

Parsley contends that a healthy society requires the participation of morally founded people to offer policies that positively impact commerce, our government, science, technology, the arts, and the media as he calls on Christians to become engaged in this battle.

Pastor Rod Parsley (:14) OC: “…truth is wrong.”

Rod Parsley writes “Isn’t it ironic that the media and the academic elite hold tolerance and diversity above all virtues, and yet appear unwilling to tolerate anyone who dares to claim a belief in absolute right and wrong?

Pastor Rod Parsley (:17) OC: “…the wrong conclusion.”

Parsley says we are in a war of competing, mutually exclusive ways of viewing the universe and of man’s place in it. It is a clash of paradigms, of value systems, and of visions of the future. To get more information about the book: “Culturally Incorrect” visit This is John Clemens.

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